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How To Reuse Old Tarps

How To Reuse Old Tarps

February 27, 2019 | By : PTH

When they are still new, tarps are very versatile and have many applications around your home. However, after continuous or long term use, tarps tend to get worn out or damaged. You may think that your old tarp cannot serve you again, but there are ways you can reuse your old tarps. Throwing tarps away means that they go to the landfill. Rather than filling the landfill, why not re-purpose your old tarp? How you choose to re-purpose your old tarp depends on which material it is made of. Usually, canvas tarps are ideal for protecting items which need breathability while poly tarps are crucial for waterproofing applications. Here are some creative ways you can reuse your old tarps.

Use it to protect smaller items from elements

When you bought your tarp, it is likely it was large enough to protect your belongings such as vehicles from external elements. However, with time it got damaged and torn rendering it almost useless. If the whole tarp is not damaged, you can use a pair of scissors to cut off the damaged parts to fit other smaller applications. For example, you can use a boat
cover as a battery or seat cover after you cut it down to smaller sizes.

Use it as a sandbox bottom

A sandbox can offer endless fun and entertainment to kids. However, they are prone to weeds and ants attack if they are not properly maintained. You can reuse old tarps as sandbox bottom when they are properly cut into shape. This will protect your sandbox from weed growth and prevent ants from turning it into their new home.


You can cut an old tarp into smaller section and attach them to four bamboo sticks to create a sun shade. Use the sunshade to cover your kid’s sandbox or swimming pool to protect them from too much heat from sunlight.

Use it as a cover for firewood

Old tarps are great for covering firewood in your backyard. In case you don’t have a shed to protect your firewood from rain, you will need to be creative to keep your firewood dry. Cut your old tarp into right sizes which you can use as a cover for firewood to keep them dry.

These are just few of the ways how to reuse old tarps. Do you have an old tarp stored? Let us know what other unique ways you can do with an old tarp!