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Tarps and Tarpaulin Hire In Melbourne

PTH Tarps

7m x 7m $145/week
6m x 9m $145/week
7m x 11m $175/week
9m x 12m $195/week

*Price do not include GST Delivery $25 per trip

Melbourne is one of the busiest cities in Australia that hosts a number of cultures. Residents of the city are constantly looking for ways to better their lives and businesses. The use of tarpaulins has really helped people to improve on cargo storage, cargo moving and general protection against harsh weather conditions. That’s why at Premier Tarp Hire, we offer a range of high-quality tarps that can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Having been in the business for many years, our company has managed to build a solid reputation based on reliable tarp hire services. We offer reasonable discounts on tarp rentals, something that goes a long way in saving our clients more money. Our huge hire selection consists of high-quality PVC tarps that can be used in both commercial and domestic settings. You can choose from a range of sizes and designs that can fit your needs. We have many tarps ranging from small tarps for minor residential use all through big tarps ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

You can check out for our affordable tarps for hire Melbourne and place your order today. Simply give us a call, tell us your needs and we’ll suggest to you the best tarps for rental.


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