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Tarps and Tarpaulin Hire In Sydney

PTH Tarps

7m x 7m $145/week
6m x 9m $145/week
7m x 11m $175/week
9m x 12m $195/week

*Price do not include GST Delivery $25 per trip

One of the most critical challenges faced by many Australian builders during construction is storms. When there’s a huge pouring of rain accompanied by violent winds, it’s likely the structure of the building will come crumbling or the materials in it damaged. That may lead to the builder incurring additional costs to cover for the damages. In order to avoid all these problems when pursuing a construction project, it is best to contact a Tarp Hire Company in Sydney. Hiring a strong, high-quality tarp will not only provide protection against harsh climate but also against extreme weather conditions.

At Premier Tarp Hire, we are committed to supplying a range of heavy-duty tarps to all clients based in Sydney, Australia. Our tarps for hire come in different sizes and can be used to cover roof structures and/or protect construction materials against heavy rain. We boast of a range of affordable Poly Tarpaulins that are lightweight and moisture-resistant. The tarp materials are mostly cross-woven with strands of polypropylene, polyethylene (PE) or polyolefin plastic. Multiple cross-weaves result in stronger and more durable tarps that can be used in any application.

If you’re interested in hiring high-quality tarps in Sydney, we can offer the most affordable options to work with. Simply give us a call and let’s know what your tarp needs are. Be sure to check out for the best tarps from our selection that come at competitive hire rates.

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